Расписание 2014-2015

Подготовка к ЕГЭ.
Beginner/Introduction. «There are many kinds of holiday. What is you favourite one?».
Elementary. «Camping, sea voyage or all inclusive? Which is your choice for this summer?».
Pre-Intermediate+. «What was the most unusual holiday in your life? Let’s share experineces!».
Подготовка к ЕГЭ. Beginner/Introduction. «Let’s revise seasons and weather»
Elementary. «Summer is the best time of the year, isn’t it? Let’s talk about summer activities!»
Pre-Intermediate+. «Summer is the best time for… What are your summer plans?».
Подготовка к ЕГЭ.
Beginner/Introduction. «New season -new clothes! What clothes for warm weather do you know?»
Elementary. «It’s time to get changed! Let’s learn fashion verbs!».
Pre-Intermediate+. «Have you seen the 2015 spring season fashion trends? Let’s talk about them!».
Подготовка к ЕГЭ.
Beginner/Introduction. «Shake your head and stamp your feet! Let’s learn some names of body movements!»
Elementary. «How to survive abroad if you don’t know enough English words? Let’s practice together!».
Pre-Intermediate+. «What gestures should not be shown in other countries? How to understand the meaning of body language? Come and learn!».
Подготовка к ЕГЭ. «Hobbies» Beginner/Introduction. Our perfect companions never have fewer than four feet. Let’s talk about animals
Elementary. «A cat in the grass is a lion in the jungle. Let’s talk about pets and wild animals!»
Pre-Intermediate+. «Exploring the wild world. Do you know the law of the jungle».
Подготовка к ЕГЭ. «Travelling»
Beginner/Introduction. «Are you online? What do you usually do on the internet?».
Elementary. «Life without Internet. Is it possible? Let’s see!».
Pre-Intermediate+. «The good and the bad of the World Wide Web. Why are you still online?».
Подготовка к ЕГЭ. «Holidays»
Beginner/Introduction. «Health is better than wealth. Let’s talk about our health»
Elementary. «An apple a day keeps the doctor away. It’s time to talk about health».
Pre-Intermediate+. «Healthy mind – healthy body. What do YOU do to stay healthy?».
Подготовка к ЕГЭ. Learning foreign languages
Beginner/Introduction. «Hobbies and leisure activities. Let’s talk about your interests».
Elementary. «Play chess or jump with a parachute? What is YOUR hobby? Let’s find out».
Pre-Intermediate+. «All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. How do YOU relax? Let’s talk about your free time».
Beginner/Introduction. Money rules. Let’s talk about money in our life!
Elementary. «Work for pleasure or work for money? Let’s choose the best job!»
Pre-Intermediate+. «To be famous and to be successful. Is it the same? How to get to the top and make your dreams real».
Beginner/Introduction. «My typical day. Everyday activities. Home, work and leisure».
Elementary. «My daily routine. Time to work and time to relax. Let’s find the balance!».
Pre-Intermediate+. «My day – my way. The art of time management. How to manage your time effectively».
Beginner/Introduction. «My home is my castle. What things make our house an ideal place?»
Elementary. «East or West home is best. Things and people that make our house comfortable».
Pre-Intermediate+. «Home is where the heart is. What is home for you? The best place to live in».
Beginner/Introduction. «What is an ideal teacher for you? Let’s talk about good and bad teachers».
Elementary. «To teach is to touch the future. Is it easy to be a teacher?».
Pre-Intermediate+. «Good teaching is an art, not a science. What makes a good teacher in YOUR opinion?».
Beginner/Introduction. Eat in or take away? What is your favourite café? Let’s go eating out together!
Elementary. «Eating out or having dinner at home? Favourite food, drinks, cafes, cuisines…»
Pre-Intermediate+. «Pelmeni or pasta: which one do YOU choose? Let’s talk about tastes. National cuisine in GB, the USA and Russia»
Beginner/Introduction. I look like my mom and YOU? Let’ s talk about LOOKS!
Elementary. «British vs Russian: are we so different? What are average British and Russian families? Characters, habits, traditions.»
Pre-Intermediate+. «People are like books: boring and interesting. What about you? Let’s talk about character!»
Beginner/Introduction. You are abroad! How do you ask for tourist information?
Elementary. «Go to Great Britain or discover Russia? Let’s talk about beautiful places in Russia and Great Britain.»
Pre-Intermediate+. «Top 10 places to visit before you die. What is on your list?»
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